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  About DDS

Dynamics Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary team working on radical engineering designs and concepts. Based in the South West of England our first design project had funding from SWRDA to develop a motorised in line three wheel bike - MIL III

This new concept in motorcycle design utilizes our patented novel in-line three wheel arrangement with two wheel drive, two wheel steering and independent suspension. This combination of features provides increased grip and traction for improved cornering, braking and acceleration, combined with a smoother ride.

A working prototype of a version  of the MIL III  has been built as can be seen below. Please note that the bike you see is an early prototype without any bodywork or final detail styling.

We are now looking for a suitable manufacturer to take the concept into production. If you would like to know more please do email us. We would love to hear your thoughts on the concept.

Our first proof of concept in line three wheel bike (IL3) had its first test run on July 5 2007. You can see the IL3 in action in the following video

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Motorised In Line 3 Wheel Bike (MIL III)

IL3 proof of concept demonstrator

Two wheel steering, two wheel drive and independent suspension

Testing with road tyres fitted